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Put your best pitch forward with a team of experts who know that presentation elevation is more than polishing up some slides—it's about giving you confidence in the story and materials you're pitching.

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Presentation Design

You know that team of design geeks who somehow fell in love with the ultimate underdog medium —presentation design, and devoted their entire business lives to mastering its many nuances? Well, now you do! Our visual storytelling specialists will work collaboratively to launch your presentation into new heights.

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Presentation Design

Story Refinement

You have a great story in there—somewhere. We can help dig deep (in data, with research, or through consultation) to pull out the good stuff. We can help you distill your thoughts, find that through line to connect the dots and refine your outline into a truly memorable narrative.

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Story Refinement

Dedicated Services

What does a Demand Gen marketer focused on the top of your funnel have in common with a sales rep sending out the perfectly customized proposals at the bottom? Hopefully, GhostRanch! You deserve an embedded design partner who understands B2B and can keep pace with your dynamic environment.

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Dedicated Services

Happy Clients

The work you all do is simply unparalleled. Every time someone comments on how amazing your work is, I just say—there’s a reason I’ve worked with GhostRanch at THREE companies in a row—they make me look good!”
Jen Jones, CMO, Dataminr
We really found that through the presentation that GhostRanch put together, we were able to better connect with investors. Our fundraise went very quickly, and it was a huge success. Within probably three or four weeks of the start, we already had five term sheets from very reputable investors. ”
Chris Helton, VP Finance, Supernova
The thing that really has sold me forever on them is that in that time crunch, we were brainstorming and shooting ideas, and changing, they never lost their creativity. Working with GhostRanch really allows us to focus on the product piece, and allows us to focus on what's happening with our product, and refining our story so that they can visually help us get to market. ”
April Thomas, Product Leader, Q2
One of the unique things about GhostRanch is how they work with you, within your organization. Because GhostRanch is a continuous partner, when you’re going back to them that a product has a new upgrade or some additional features, they already know the story that you’ve been telling, and so they can help iterate and reiterate, versus having to go back and reimagine the whole thing. ”
Kaila Garrison, GTM Strategist


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