Benefits of Hiring a Presentation Design Company

Why You Should Hire a Presentation Design Company

May 09, 2022

Have you ever been tasked with designing a high-stake pitch presentation for your company but almost tanked it? Or the pitch decks you thought were sleek and inspiring turn off your audience at first sight, even though you moved heaven and earth to design them? 

Don't go too hard on yourself. It's normal and happens to many professionals — even those with proficient graphic design skills. But again, when the stakes are too high to risk, there's no big enough excuse to justify a poorly designed presentation.

This is where a presentation design company comes in. When you can't take risks with your business presentation, take the hand of a presentation design agency.

As you'll see, there are more benefits to utilizing presentation design services besides avoiding a substandard presentation design. Let's explore the advantages of hiring a presentation design firm. 

Why Should You Hire a Presentation Design Company?

When you outsource presentation design, you'll enjoy the following value adds:

Flexibility: Create a Wide Range of Presentations

Most likely, your company has a PowerPoint master template you recycle for all your presentations. You may have designed that template in a hurry in your early business days without considering design aesthetics in detail. When it's time to refresh your old templates and add more love to your slides, a professional designer is your best bet.

A top presentation design agency like GhostRanch will design multiple custom designs to refresh your corporate presentation system. You get branded PowerPoint and Google Slide templates, Event Theming and Custom Event Presentation Templates, and Presentation Systems. 

With a wide range of presentation templates, you and your team will have more options to choose from when preparing different pitches. The beauty of it all is that each template will be tailor-made following universal principles of design to ensure all your presentations ooze class.

Sales Presentations for Customer Audience

"Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it "to whom it may concern." 

This famous Ken Haemer quote rings true for every business presentation you'll ever design. You must prepare your presentation with your audience in mind or risk losing their attention. Remember,  it takes 10 minutes for most people to tune out of a presentation. So, if your content fails to address your customers' pain points, they'll lose interest much earlier. 

That means you cannot use the same sales presentation designs for your corporate and customer audience. You know this by experience if you're a B2B and B2C company. 

Typically, customer audiences are more likely to get disinterested faster if your pitch is too salesy and intricate. Instead, they prefer your presentation to address core issues in a straightforward and summarized format. This can be knotty if you're primarily a B2B company, but a presentation design company will create sales presentation templates best suited for your customer audience. This way, they won't struggle to keep their attention on your content. 

Corporate Presentations for Any Idea Pitch

Every great business idea deserves a worthy pitch deck. Whether it's a product update idea or an elevator pitch for a whole new product, it deserves a customized presentation design. 

Designing a unique template for your high-level corporate idea pitch can feel overwhelming, especially when dealing with exacting investors. Often, investors want you to summarize your idea (no matter how long) in a few slides — be brief but detailed. 

How can you detail all the statistics, research, facts, and third-party evidence in a few slides? A presentation design agency can help you crack this pickle. It takes a good deal of graphic design prowess to say more with fewer words and slides.

With a team of presentation designers in your corner, you'll have compelling corporate presentation templates for any idea pitch and audience. You'll deliver great pitches and wow your corporate audience with ease in every presentation. 

Frugality: Outsourcing Presentation Services Saves Money

The truth is designing a sales presentation from scratch takes time. Even before you start working on the actual slides, you'll have put in multiple hours brainstorming and validating ideas. And if you're not familiar with design templates, you may stare at a blank page for a while before you catch on. 

You'll have put your other tasks on hold, seeing that presentation design is quite demanding, and you may not be able to multitask. But when you outsource your presentation design, you'll save more time that you can use for other productive tasks. 

Time saved is money earned. When you save time on presentation design, you'll concentrate on other tasks with a higher return on investment (ROI) and earn more money in the long end. 

Scalability: Build Beautiful Slides Efficiently With Design Team

Sometimes, you'll have multiple sales presentations in a short time. In such cases, it wouldn't be feasible for your team to manage back-to-back presentations and do a bang-up job. But a team of experienced presentation designers like GhostRanch can deliver as many exquisite pitch decks as you need in a short turnaround. 

Creativity: Personalize Any Custom Presentation Design

For the most part, sales presentations revolve around your customer and your product. So, if you're designing multiple presentations at a time, it's easy to feel boxed in. Your creative juices may stop flowing as you get exhausted by the humdrum processes. 

Work may never feel mundane for presentation design firms because designers work on different presentations every day. This ignites their creative spark, meaning your pitch decks will not have a dull slide. It takes a fresh pair of eyes to see and think outside the slide and customize your presentation design — the more reason to hire a presentation design agency. 

Hiring a Team of Presentation Experts Can Change Your Business

When you partner with a presentation design company like GhostRanch, you get more than a team of expert graphic designers. You get a responsive team that understands the fast-paced nature of sales and marketing and is ready to go the extra mile.

When you trust GhostRanch with your high-stakes presentation project, we'll go all out to ensure you put your best pitch forward. If we have to camp in our presentation studio for a while, so be it. Our satisfaction is seeing you close more deals with killer business presentations. We succeed when you do. 

Contact us today, and see what GhostRanch can do for your company.

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