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Now seeking entry/mid level hard workin' visual storytellers

Mikey Mioduski, Founder / CEO

Mikey Mioduski

Nov 19, 2018

Who are we?

We are GhostRanch Communications, a nimble and remote band of Creatives on a mission to take Presentation Design and Thinking to new heights. We—™re looking to recruit some more passionate visual storytellers to help us fight the war against crappy slides.

You know those boring corporate presentation projects that your Design School classmate Blane used to scoff at? Yeah, we dig those projects. Sure, they might not get us to Cannes, but making our B2B Sales and Marketing clients look like freaking geniuses up on stage or in a sales pitch is all the glory we need.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for fresh perspectives and fresh faces with 3-5 years of design experience (yes, that includes college!). We—™re looking for designers who LOVE layout, typography, color, photography, motion graphics, illustration and BIG IDEAS. Don—™t fancy yourself a presentation designer just yet? We don—™t expect you to be. If you—™ve got killer design instincts and a —œcan-do— problem solving attitude, we—™ll show you some serious slideware trickery.

This posting is for contract / part-time projects. However, hard-working, loveable designers with superlative communication skills might just find themselves a full-time fit out of this freelance gig.

Contract designers will get to work remotely, which turns out to be a pretty damn amazing perk. At least, we think so.

Looking for people who love design, sweat the details, aren—™t afraid of hard work at a quick pace, communicate a LOT (we're a remote company, so crystal clear communication is imperative), who are team oriented, responsive, self-driven, like to deal directly with clients, have passion for visual storytelling, infographics, data visualization, and most importantly, are willing to embrace the medium of presentation design (and thinking).

Versatility is as important as executional abilities. Pace under pressure is paramount. Know a lil bit about motion media? Like to write? Icing on the cake. Scrappy. Resourceful. Positive, can do attitude. Crazy good communicator. No seriously, CRAZY good communicator. Amazing design skills, proven portfolio and record of working. Now let's say you're like the best designer, crazy hard worker, lightning fast, insane attention to detail, super positive attitude, and the best communicator ever. What could make that any better??? How about some corporate, enterprise, tech, B2B design experience. OMG, game over.

While technology connects us at GhostRanch, we are fortunate to be united in our ideals. We even have our 8 Guiding Lights to strive for. The following values represent what being a Ranchero is all about:

8_  Worship the Big Idea
Be Responsive
6_  Set Expectations
Exceed Expectations
Be Resourceful
Be Excellent to Each Other
Be Dependable
Create World Class Work (AKA our MF North Star)

Possibly YOU???

If you—™re digging all this and are a designer with internet, please use that magical electronic connectivity to get us some information about you. Resumes are GREAT. But let—™s try something different:

—“ If you were given 10 slides to present yourself, what would they be?**

Format: Dealers choice! PPT, Keynote, PDF—¦ surprise us. Let your creative vision lead the way!

**OR—¦ if you—™re not quite ready to shake a resume, we—™d love to see that too. 

We're a small team, but growing. And we'd love to hang out.

Let's party. The PowerPoint way. 

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Mikey Mioduski, Founder / CEO

Michael "Mikey" Mioduski founded GhostRanch Communications in 2015 after falling in love with the medium of presentation design. He holds an MFA in Advertising Design from SCAD, a BA in History from DePauw University, and currently lives with his family in Zionsville, Indiana. 

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