Clip Art #TBT - A Farewell To Floppy Disk

Clip Art, A Memoir

Molly Geoghegan, Content & Community Manager

Molly Geoghegan

Aug 18, 2016

Remember when floppy disks were a thing? No??

For those of you that don—™t recognize this cutting-edge piece of technology, they were a flatter, less portable (but more adorable), version of a flash or zip drive.

This particular illustration makes its legacy that much more ridiculous—”I mean, the poor thing is communicating with lightning bolts. To think that this was once the most efficient file-storing device...LOL.

Quite honestly, I don—™t know how it was ever taken seriously. The word —œfloppy— should have never entered the workplace under any circumstances whatsoever.

Ahem, anyway.

Dearest Floppy,

You were efficient and useful. Even compact! (Considering the computer monitors you delivered information to could likely crush a large squirrel with their weight).

Your reign—”if we can call it that—”as the go-to gadget for transporting files from one device to the next has long been over. In many ways, it was never meant to last long with a name like yours.

You—™re now considered a corporate relic, operating only as the punchline of bad office jokes. And for that, we're sorry.

Certainly, Dropbox or other means of digital file-sharing aren't nearly as easy to transform into an animated caricature such as yours.

And for that, we have to thank you.

All the best,


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