Friday FOUR: Best Podcasts For (And From) Marketing Influencers

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Molly Geoghegan, Narrative Strategist

Molly Geoghegan

Mar 03, 2016

There are loads of marketing, media, sales, and creative entrepreneurship podcasts out there. You name the niche and there is undoubtedly a few people that have found a way to record their themselves talking about the subject. While this is great to know they are available, it leaves hours and hours of audio to sift through, a lot of which might be garbled rambling and banter. 

So, for this month—™s Friday FOUR, here are a few podcasts that might catch your, er, ears?

Marketing Over Coffee

In a weekly installment, John Wall and Christopher Penn discuss all things new and changing in marketing, tech, and business. True to their title—”they actually record each episode in a local coffee shop and release every Thursday morning. They—™ll cover news, conduct interviews, and answer listener questions all in under 30 minutes, aka the perfect way to get in the zone for your commute to the office. These guys are unpretentious, to-the-point, and on-the-ball. Oh, and they—™re also interviewing Jay Baer who we have a personal affinity for. . .

Louder than Words

Host John Bonini interviews CEOs, speakers, writers, people that have lived in communist Russia—”influencers of all kinds in this creative-inspired podcast. The goal? To make you a better creator at whatever it is you do. Doesn—™t matter if you don—™t classify yourself as a —œcreative— in the office. Bonini has a way of getting to the core of what has made each person successful in their space and how you can apply it to your own. Joe Pulizzi (founder of Content Marketing Institute), Helena Price (Silicon Valley—™s favorite photographer), and Seth Godin are just a few of his high-profile guests.


Gary Vaynerchuk is an uber successful, self-proclaimed —œserial entrepreneur— and he has no reservations telling anyone about it. He grew his family wine business from $3M to $60M in just five years with the help of YouTube and continued his success with the #AskGaryVee video series. His quick-talking, cursing-like-a-sailor demeanor delivers a sense of urgency—”Gary doesn—™t want you to succeed, he needs you to. The production value of his videos make them almost feel like spoken word pieces, leaving you both exhausted and wanting more. Once you—™re hooked (you will be), venture over to mobile friendly #AskGaryVee Podcast, only 15-20 minutes long and the perfect way to get amped for your day, a big meeting, or just to get fired up.  

HBR IdeaCast

Yes, the Harvard Business Review is also available to you in audio format! Sarah Green Carmichael is the host of interesting conversations ranging from how to best deal with negative feedback to the power of curiosity. And with the name —œHarvard— attached to it, there are almost five hundred episodes featuring interviewees like Katie Couric (episode 496), Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Wordpress (episode 485), and George Mitchell, former US Senate majority leader and envoy to Northern Ireland and the Middle East (episode 468). With the help of her ability to keep a fluid conversation, Carmichael delivers to you all the perks of picking these influencers—™ brains without actually having to do the work. Condensed episodes are available in the HBR print issue each month.

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