Get to Know the (Newest) Ranchero

Mary Sommerville has officially joined the GhostRanch gang

Molly Geoghegan, Marketing Manager

Molly Geoghegan

May 18, 2018

Part of the beauty (and oddities) of a remote-working team is that someone can seamlessly work their way into your life that you've never even met in person and it just normal? 

Such is the case with our newest (but not NEWB-est) designer, Mary Sommerville, a displaced southerner now designing full-time in Denver. She's a pleasure to be on Zoom calls with, incredibly talented and has already wow-ed clients. Perhaps even more importantly, she's a Lion King fan and prefers dark to milk chocolate—”a true match for the Ranch. 

But I'll let her introduce her own self...


Nickname: Mare

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

What was the first thing that interested you in design/art?
It's hard to pinpoint, but my dad's go-to doodle is Bugs Bunny so I spent a lot of time trying to master that when I was little. 

Where and when does lightning strike the inspiration tree for you?
Travel or being in any new place, and movies with unique styles and aesthetics.

What is an annoying trope or pet peeve you have about growing up?
Designers definitely have their own language which can make it hard to communicate ideas, but it also makes the connection between other designers pretty special.

Favorite typeface (no judgement if it's Comic Sans...actually, a lot of judgement):
Professionally Helvetica, personally Wingdings. 

What's the last mind-blowing fact you learned or favorite TED Talk? 
Mr. Rogers defended public television to a senate committee to keep its funding. Not mind-blowing but very interesting. I also saw it on Drunk History, which is kind of like a TED Talk...

What does it mean to be a Ranchero? 
To me it means working with a fun and supportive team to produce awesome results. I really feel so lucky to be a Ranchero. 

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Molly Geoghegan, Marketing Manager

Molly Geoghegan is a writer, organizer, and film school dropout. She hikes frequently with her dog, Guinness, and signs up for too many email newsletters. Having lived in Chicago, Paris, Dublin and Galway, Molly has made her way back to the Rockies and calls Denver, CO home.

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