Get Your Gradients Together

HOW-TO apply a gradient across a group of objects

Molly Geoghegan, Narrative Strategist

Molly Geoghegan

Jul 23, 2018

As the resident non-designer of the GhostRanch team, I must say that gradients are one of my favorite things in the "Design Speak" lexicon because, well, I UNDERSTAND THEM. 

Transforming a bunch of PowerPoint slides n shapes to look like a peachy ombre sunset?? Sounds like a nice day-to-day job to me. 

In this under-three-minute HOW-TO, designer Jefe takes you through how to apply a gradient across a group of objects or text —” something I'm sure is quite tricky, considering I can hardly even use two colors of paint at those Painting and Wine nights. 

Also, I love whenever Jeff says "hamburger menu" hehe. 

Design speak is fun. 

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Molly Geoghegan, Narrative Strategist

Molly Geoghegan is a writer, organizer, and film school dropout. She hikes frequently with her dog, Guinness, and signs up for too many email newsletters. Having lived in Chicago, Paris, Dublin and Galway, Molly has made her way back to the Rockies and calls Denver, CO home.

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