We’re off to Story Camp 2022!

3 days of discourse, trust falls, and Deep Dish

Mikey Mioduski, Founder / CEO

Mikey Mioduski

Jul 25, 2022


Story Camp is upon us!

Do you want the bad news first?*  Great, here it is: the GhostRanch crew will be (largely) closed for business MON 8/8/22 - WEDS 8/10/22.**

Now for the GREAT news: The reason we will be in silent mode for a few days is because we are getting together, in person, for the first time in over a year. We have three goals: 

  1. Professional development: continue our pursuit of mastery in the world of presentation design and business storytelling

  2. Deep hangs: create memories that will give our team smiles for years to come

  3. Pilot the program: if it works for us, it may just work for you!

We have been dreaming of this trip ever since we parted ways from our last retreat in Frisco, CO, back in June 2021. 

Lets get our learn on -- executive storytelling camp
#1. We are leveling up!

Over the course of our three day retreat in Chitown, the GhostRanch team will be pushing our collective selves to become more holistic "presentation thinkers". We have a private workshop booked with a leading presentation strategist to equip our entire team—from Designers to Account Managers—with sharpened tools to better understand the elements of strategic storytelling. We've come to realize, over the years, that our clients lean on us not only to help visualize their stories, but actually love the chance to use our team as a sounding board, to make sure their stories hold up. So, we're investing in ourselves, to become the trusted advisors that our incredible clients deserve.

ghostranch is off to story camp 2022!
#2. “Get it together, see what's happening.”

When I was a youngster, my older brother came back from his first Boy Scout Summer camp with more than a new vocabulary of colorful words. He seemed to have brought back a rare skin disease, like, all over his legs. My mom freaked out. She called the doctor, frantically, ready to send him off to some treatment center before the leg plague spread to the rest of the house.

The doctor asked my mom if young Teddy had taken a shower since returning home. "Call me back if that doesn't settle things."

As you may already know, my mom didn't need to make that second call. Miraculously, when my brother showered—for the first time in nearly 10 days, his "rare skin disease" washed away, down the drain, forever. 

I think our campers will take more showers. But I think we will come away with some stories of our own, ones that will strengthen the bond that encourage our Rancheros to always "be excellent to each other." 

We'll also be eating lots of great food and even catching a game at Wrigley!

#3. Watch this space (cue Mr. Burns fingers)

Like every good storyline, this one has a subplot. On the surface, sure, GhostRanch's Inaugural Story Camp is just another company retreat. But I will let you in on a little secret, it's actually a prototype. A beta. An MVP for something pretty fun that we think other teams of storytelling, presentation building, sales enabling nerds like us may benefit from. Get in touch with us after our pilot camp if you'd like to hear how it went, and how we might be able to help your team facilitate a shared executive learning experience of your own!

Care to follow along?

Our Social Media dynamic duo, Asha and Tamara, will surely be giving you some updates from our time in the Windy City, be sure to follow along on Instagram @ghostranchppt


*Apologies if you had said you wanted the bad news second. Since this is a blog post, I had to place my bet. And since I personally think it's weird to want the bad news second, I just gave it to you first. Also, I'm sorry if I just called you weird.
** Fear not, we won't be FULLY shut down, we'll have plans in place to cover any hotties while most of us are away. Just trying to plan ahead 😉

We made a playlist, listen along!


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Mikey Mioduski, Founder / CEO

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