LEVEL UP (your Google Slides & PowerPoint Tables)

Formatting and design hacks for tables in Google Slides & PowerPoint.

Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve Sheets

May 24, 2022

Editing tables in Google Slides and PowerPoint is pretty straightforward. But there are a few tricks to know that will both save you time and provide very professional-looking results. 

(ie: Keep the people guessing if you even made your deck in Google Slides!) 

The ability to edit specific lines around or between cells individually is a huge part of making tables look slick. We also know it can be finicky as h*ck. 

Efficiency Guru Steve is here to walk you through these processes to save you time in the future.

This 6 minute Quick Tip Tutorial for Google Slides and a Less-Than-10-Minute Tutorial on PowerPoint Tables will provide the necessary tricks to get your tables cleaned up, and looking ready for presenting. 

What’s in store:

  • Pesky lines and borders - how to edit INDIVIDUALLY!
  • Text fitting & sizing within sells
  • Padding between content
  • Shortcuts when editing tables 
  • Alignment & margins

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About The Author

Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve is a designer with high expectations for a final product but he tends to obsess over process too. He likes to know the many ways to get things done, the advantages of each and their oh so scary pitfalls. Perhaps that's why he has a Mac and a PC?

"Workflows are one of the few times in life where the best way tends to be the easy way, the trick is figuring out what's 'easy' for your specific situation."

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