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GhostRanch is expanding and we are looking for new designers

Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve Sheets

Oct 03, 2017

GhostRanch Communications wants to know; are you a designer living somewhere with the internet? Awesome! We are designers with internet as well, that—™s how we all work together, despite being spread across time zones and an ocean.

While technology connects us at GhostRanch, we are fortunate to be united in our ideals. We even have our 8 guiding lights to strive for and show us the way as this is what being a Ranchero is all about:

Worship the big idea

Be responsive

Set expectations

Exceed expectations

Be resourceful

Be excellent to each other

Be dependable

Create world class work


If those sound like principals you can get behind then maybe you—™d like to help out the team? We are currently seeking junior level freelancers to shore up our production pipeline as we grow. We are hopeful to find a small group that we can count on to follow instruction, keep an eye for detail, stay on brand and on message for our clients, and generally be enjoyable to work with. Our biggest concern is B2B production work but that does not mean your creativity will not be appreciated. We are first and foremost designers and artists and ideas that help our clients and their message are always appreciated. The right candidates will have:

Strong design skills

Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

PowerPoint and/or Keynote familiarity (We do a ton of PowerPoint and are happy to show the right person the ropes here)

A hunger for learning and sharing

Positivity and excellent communication skills (working remotely comes with a stream of challenges. We need people who listen closely and express themselves clearly)

Something awesome to share about art, design, presentations etc.


If you—™re digging all this and are a designer with internet, please use that magical electronic connectivity to get us some information about you. We love resumes and portfolios but we love people too and want to hear about you as a special human. Please tell us whatever you—™d like but be sure to include:

Your nickname

Your hometown

Your current town

What first drew you to art or design

An annoying design trope or pet-peeve

Where you find inspiration


This posting is for a contract / part-time. However, hard-working, loveable designers with superlative communication skills might just find themselves a full-time fit out of this freelance gig. Please send your info to to apply.

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About The Author

Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve is a designer with high expectations for a final product but he tends to obsess over process too. He likes to know the many ways to get things done, the advantages of each and their oh so scary pitfalls. Perhaps that's why he has a Mac and a PC?

"Workflows are one of the few times in life where the best way tends to be the easy way, the trick is figuring out what's 'easy' for your specific situation."

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