Friday FOUR: Kickstart 2016 With These Marketing Slideshares

21 Tips to Turbocharge Your Productivity in 2016

Molly Geoghegan, Narrative Strategist

Molly Geoghegan

Jan 15, 2016

4 Slideshares to Kickstart 2016

Well, we—™re hitting that mid-month point in January, the first month of 2016—”how are those resolutions holding up? If you—™re feeling like you need a bit of a reminder of the goals that you—™ve set (or have yet to set) for the new year, here—™s a few solid Slideshares that might be helpful.  

21 Tips to Turbocharge Your Productivity in 2016

Ever found yourself working at night and becoming increasingly distracted by the opportunity to watch bad TV or stare into the fridge? You—™re not alone. Doing your most important tasks in the morning is among the many great productivity hacks you might want to take note of for the new year. 

The Future of Marketing 2016: New Roles, Tools, and Trends

A helpful Slideshare user to follow, Matthew Sweezey posts info bomb after info bomb in an easy to absorb, picturesque format. Gaining user trust is among the notable and valuable tools in 2016—™s projected marketing trends. If a user has a sense of discovering and choosing your brand on their own, they are more likely to become a loyalist. 

40 Inspiring Social Media Case Studies

Spam and robot accounts can often make gaining a following on social media anything but inspiring. But of the real people that are online, 90% are actively —œsocial—. Last year, Uber capitalized on Game of Thrones with #RideOfThrones and Singapore found success with social mediums in tandem with their general election. Will you join the 70% of marketers who plan to increase their social media budget this year?

5 SEO Predictions You Need to Know for 2016

When's the last time you revised your SEO words? The phrasing of which queries are asked when searching for local spots has transformed to adapt to "voice search" formats such as Siri. So instead of punching a few keywords into the search bar, it's more: "Siri, take me to the closest laundromat to get this coffee stain out before my meeting." All important things to keep in mind. 

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