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Are you crazy organized? Do you love working in a creative field?

Mikey Mioduski, Founder / CEO

Mikey Mioduski

Jul 31, 2019

Setting the Stage:

We—™re GhostRanch Communications, a nimble, remote band of visual storytellers laser focused on creating World-Class Presentations and sales enablement materials for our World-Class B2B Product Marketing clients.

Can our "Direct to Creative" Model Scale?

Our clients and crew both love working directly with one another. We aspire to hire and train designers who are the full package. Organized enough to self-manage projects, and confident enough in their expertise to be able to lead client interactions. We have adopted a bastardized Kanban —œpull— system that works surprisingly well. Our designers are go-getters, eager to jump at a new task in the "to do" queue. 

That said, we're human. Any given day or week we may have handfuls of quick-turn projects swirling about, and our biggest fear is that we'd drop a ball for one of our beloved clients. The good news is we're growing! But with this growth comes more responsibility—”with more projects to plan and juggle, resource management, utilization and proper forecasting are growing priorities. Which is where you come in!

—œOne of my biggest fears is letting something slip through the cracks—”whether that—™s a detail on a project or an entire project itself. I—™d like the person in this role to help keep me from messing up. 😊—
—” real quote from our ACD

Are you a systems-minded, organization freak who can keep this machine purring at full throttle?

Are you so organized it hurts? Do you love design ops and designing systems?

Can you crunch numbers and build project roadmaps? Can you create and track budgets, proof work, poke creatives, jump on client calls, set clear expectations and then help your team exceed them with flying colors? Can you help our CEO with forecasting and work alongside our Creative Director to manage talent and utilize the right resources to optimize margins and meet all deadlines—”without burning anyone out?

Okay that's a lot. But we get the feeling you're the type of overachiever who thrives in the face of a challenge.

Attention to detail is kinda your thing.

Attention to detail, a positive "can-do" attitude and outstanding communication skills are the prerequisites for this position. If you—™ve got those, here—™s what we think you—™d also be able to bring to the table (or have a willingness to master!):

**Eagle Eye** we mean RIDICULOUS attention to detail. You will be asked to take on Quality Assurance (QA) duties to proof our work before we send out to clients. We always want to make sure we deliver on everything the client had asked of us, and more.

**Amazing Listener** Your keen communication skills will help us truly understand what our clients need from us. 

**You make things happen**  We have quite a few right brain / "why" / visionary people, but we need that "how" / integrator type to help us ensure we can follow through and make things happen. 

**Bonus round** Is there anything else that sets you apart? Are you already a PPT wizard? Do you have a background working in b2b tech, or agency-side with Creatives? (I know I know we're all creative but you know what we mean). 

**Daily tasks might involve:**
—¢  Queuing up new jobs and tasks in Trello, Freshbooks, Dropbox, updating the cards as meetings are held, notes are taken and correspondences uh, corresponded.
—¢  Regular planning sessions with CEO, CD and ACDs to make sure we have the right resources on the right jobs
—¢  Manage our freelance pool (seeing who has capacity, matching that up with times when our forecast will require additional talent)
—¢  Weekly forecasting with CEO/CD (Fridays)
—¢  Updating our retainer accounts' utilization, involvement with retainer work planning and forecasting
—¢  Helping to plan and lead traffic meetings (Mondays, Wednesdays)
—¢  Writing project plans and budgets
—¢  Monitoring projects to make sure we're under budget, ahead of deadline
—¢  Prevent projects and correspondence from slipping through the cracks
—¢  Other office admin tasks would be greatly helpful too on occasion (things like helping book flights and hotels, working out sponsorship details for conferences, marketing endeavors).
—¢  We're an agency with some of our own product ideas. We also need you to help us bring to market some of our own pet projects.

Oh, and we work remotely.

Distributed work is great, for some. Thriving as a remote teammate at GhostRanch means being crazy responsive—” (over)communicating with precision and frequency. Closing all loops, always, is the goal.

Our Guiding Lights:

While technology connects us at GhostRanch, we are fortunate to be united in our ideals. We even have our 8 Guiding Lights to strive for. The following values represent what being a Ranchero is all about:

8_ Worship the Big Idea
7_ Be Responsive
6_ Set Expectations
5_ Exceed Expectations
4_ Be Resourceful
3_ Be Excellent to Each Other
2_ Be Dependable
1_ Create World Class Work

Possibly YOU???

If you—™ve read this far you might have that attention to detail that we so desperately need. If you're a motivated integrator with internet, please use that magical electronic connectivity to get us some information about you. Resumes are cool. But if you want to start getting more comfy with this world of presentations that we work in, we'd LOVE a few slides (PPT, Keynote, Google Slides, PDF—¦ dealers choice) that can help us understand your story and unique set of skills. Shoot us the goods at:

Thank you SO much for your interest!!

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Mikey Mioduski, Founder / CEO

Michael "Mikey" Mioduski founded GhostRanch Communications in 2015 after falling in love with the medium of presentation design. He holds an MFA in Advertising Design from SCAD, a BA in History from DePauw University, and currently lives with his family in Zionsville, Indiana. 

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