Pasting PowerPoint Content Without Losing Formatting

Don't let copy + paste inconsistencies get you down.

Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve Sheets

Oct 04, 2023

In this tutorial we cover some of the problems that can come up when pasting content from one slide or template to another.

Users will often expect their content to look exactly the same when they paste it as it did when they copied it. This is usually pretty easy to achieve with the Keep Source Formatting button (which we touch on) but in some specific situations, that button will not be an option. When this happens, the formatting painter will also not work to fix the issue.

In this tutorial, we talk about what causes that to happen and how to get around the problem.

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Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve is a designer with high expectations for a final product but he tends to obsess over process too. He likes to know the many ways to get things done, the advantages of each and their oh so scary pitfalls. Perhaps that's why he has a Mac and a PC?

"Workflows are one of the few times in life where the best way tends to be the easy way, the trick is figuring out what's 'easy' for your specific situation."

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