Put Some Step In Your Spring

Beers, Ballgames, and Blooms

Molly Geoghegan, Narrative Strategist

Molly Geoghegan

Apr 27, 2018

Spring is a season of new beginnings—”blooms, bulbs, and renewed hope for the Cubs to win the World Series. (The curse has officially been broken so anything can happen, right??) 

This season also brings about my annual interest in DIY projects...like that time I tried to brew my own beer, HA. Or start a small succulent garden. (I've killed a cactus by watering it too much). I digress, my failure to complete projects often lies with the issue of having to wait an extended period of time for the result. The two weeks for a homemade brew to ferment is two too many. The months before tulip bulbs actually bloom are direct test on my patience. 

But Chicago waited over 100 years for a baseball win, so I'm convinced that planting seeds (literally and proverbially) to start something new is never a bad idea. Good things come to those who wait, sure. However, you have to make the space and take actions to achieve the outcome you want as well. 

If you're getting into that spring-cleaning-start-something-new fever, why not plant an herb garden of your own? (This kitchen option is great for those with less space). Impress your friends and get on the homebrew train. Go see the tulips in the Netherlands! (Just one idea on how to use that tax return). 

And don't forget to reward yourself with a few freshly debuting spring brews afterwards.  

To new beginnings...and cutting ties with impatience.  

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Molly Geoghegan, Narrative Strategist

Molly Geoghegan is a writer, organizer, and film school dropout. She hikes frequently with her dog, Guinness, and signs up for too many email newsletters. Having lived in Chicago, Paris, Dublin and Galway, Molly has made her way back to the Rockies and calls Denver, CO home.

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