In Teamwork We Trust

An ode to our hardworking team

Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve Sheets

May 07, 2018

Should you get to read Together is Better by Simon Sinek (check it out!) you'll notice nearly every page seems like a quote —” this particular one stuck a chord with me here at the ranch. We are small, we are scrappy, we are self starters, and we are incredibly dependent on each other.

The trust that it takes as we span across timezones, and even an ocean, is essential. It has been forged through tests of our capabilities and solidified in our open communication.

I really enjoyed the perspective provided here and wanted share. At work, relationships relate to our livelihood and trust plays a key role in our interactions and business decisions. Our clients trust us to aid in their success and continue to do so with every new project. 

As we recognize the trust we put in others and the trust which others have in us, I bet we can all feel appreciated and little closer to those around us 😊

Thank you team, and thank you to all our wonderful clients. 

In teamwork we trust!

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Steve Sheets, Technical Director

Steve is a designer with high expectations for a final product but he tends to obsess over process too. He likes to know the many ways to get things done, the advantages of each and their oh so scary pitfalls. Perhaps that's why he has a Mac and a PC?

"Workflows are one of the few times in life where the best way tends to be the easy way, the trick is figuring out what's 'easy' for your specific situation."

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