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December Infomania

Molly Geoghegan, Content & Community Manager

Molly Geoghegan

Dec 22, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The same season in which two billion candy canes will be sold and likely only two or three actually eaten. For real, does anyone ever consume a whole candy cane?? 

Regardless, I do love the smell of peppermint. And gingerbread. And the peanut butter cookies that my neighbor Sheryl makes each year. And the pine sap of a real Christmas tree. It's a season of scents and nostalgia and I hope you can share it with those you love over mulled wine and eggnog. 

Go be a kid again and make a snow angel or if you're in Key West—”a sand angel. 

Happy Happy Holidays! May they be merry and bright.

Your pals at GhostRanch.

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Molly Geoghegan, Content & Community Manager

Molly Geoghegan is a writer, organizer, and film school dropout. She hikes frequently with her dog, Guinness, and signs up for too many email newsletters. Having lived in Chicago, Paris, Dublin and Galway, Molly has made her way back to the Rockies and calls Denver, CO home.

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