Account Coordinator

Are you an organization freak who digs a remote, creative environment? Holler.

GhostRanch Communications is seeking an exceptionally organized, highly motivated Account Coordinator to help support our busy project and account management functions at a growing Presentation Design Agency.


  • Entry level or 1-3 years experience
  • Eager to learn and master Project Management and Account Management 
  • Ready to work remotely!

About GhostRanch:

We’re a specialized presentation design studio. While we do help many startup founders with their investor and sales decks, our bread and butter is working directly with B2B Product Marketing teams in the tech space. Our PMM clients, among many other things, are charged with the task of creating high-value “selling assets" and tools to help their field drive revenue across an entire portfolio of products. In many cases, our PMM clients do not have access to their own dedicated design team for creating and maintaining such assets. Instead of waiting in a longer in-house queue, or doing it themselves, they turn to GhostRanch to be their partner in sales enablement asset creation, to support sales with custom slides and decks, on time, and on brand.

The Role We’re Looking to Fill:

We are looking for an Account Coordinator to join our team to help support our Account Managers with rock solid project management. Most days, you will be working directly with our Account Managers across a variety of clients to help them ensure sure nothing slips through the cracks. It can really vary day by day, week by week, so we hope you’re adaptable and up for new challenges! 

Perhaps you have worked on the agency side, or maybe you have been embedded in the tech space, or are just fascinated with Tech or Business or Presentations & Storytelling. This Account Coordinator role is very much in the Project Management world, but gives you large amount of exposure to work with a variety of clients and industries on ultra creative projects, with a team that absolutely loves what we do as presentation specialists.

Day to Day, Week to Week:

  • Meetings and Project Setup: As an Account Coordinator, you will be asked to sit in on client meetings, schedule client meetings, and you will help Account Managers as they take and execute the action items resulting from those meetings. We hope you're ready and able to take detailed and well structured meeting notes! 
  • Client Engagement: You may be asked by Account Managers to do things like update our client CRM with new things learned on a call or email exchange. You may be asked to reach out to our clients to follow up on next steps, or just to give them an update on how a project is tracking. 
  • Project Management: You may be asked to help develop project plans and budgets, organize folders, set up new projects and track projects to make sure they are staying on time, and on budget.
  • Budgets and Workback Schedules: You will leaned upon to develop new estimates, track and create budgets and SOWs.


Key Traits

  • Highly responsive, crystal clear communication skills (written and verbal): Closed-loop communication is imperative in our world.
  • People Person: You value meaningful, real relationships in business and life. You’re eager to meet new people and expand your network!
  • Positive Attitude: We dig a can-do spirit and respect some good old fashioned resourcefulness. You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves to help us launch this scrappy little studio into stardom.
  • Highly Organized, Attention to Detail: you run a tight ship, managing time and tasks like nobody else. Spreadsheet wizard.
  • Analytical: You can dig into data, ask great questions to unearth the real issues with any marketing organization.
  • Self-Driven: You don't need to be told what to do, but will find ways to help even when your managers are tied up in meetings.


Salary: $46,000 - $52,000 USD, annually, based on experience.

Benefits include: 15 Days PTO, 10 paid Holidays, health benefits, 401k matching and more. Let's talk!


Possibly you?

Please respond with a resume, and tell us why you might be a great fit for our team and clients in this remote, hybrid role. We are so stoked to meet you!

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