Digital Marketing Specialist

We're making our first marketing hire to help generate demand for the ole 'Ranch!

We’re GhostRanch Communications, a remote band of visual storytellers laser focused on creating World-Class Presentations and sales enabling materials for our fantastic B2B Marketing clients. Our customers are charged with creating the assets to help their sales teams drive revenue—and they lean on us to make sure those creations are effective, on-brand, and on-time.

Now Seeking a Digital Marketer

We are great at designing presentations, but could use the help of a professional when it comes to generating demand. Our North Start mantra, "Great work begets more work," has garnered us some fantastic organic growth, but now that we are building our second studio, we would like to be more intentional with lead generation, to create a predictable pipeline of qualified leads to keep us rolling.

This is our first marketing hire, so we hope you'll the same growth opportunity that we do. As a digital marketing expert, you'll work closely with the founder to help us put the good word out there, and bring more amazing marketers into our system.

Key Duties and Skills

Marketing Automation, Analytical, Hacker Stuff

SEO, backlinks, marketing automation, email marketing, build and maintain our list, CRM implementation / maintenance. Website optimization. Conversion junky. Split tester. Able to gather and analyze data to truly understand our customers and our own opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Able to launch GTM plans for new service lines or offerings, able to take CEO's vision and help find opportunities online to help solidify and strengthen our positioning, develop look-a-like models and launch an account-based marketing program.

The Nice to Haves

  • You're funny and can meme with the best of em
  • Dangerous enough with front-end coding (html, css, javascript)
  • CMS hackery (currently on CraftCMS, would be nice to stick there)
  • A passion for storytelling & presentations!!!
  • Understanding of sales enablement, especially in enterprise tech
  • You love networking, and thought leadership

Possible You???

If you are interested, we are flattered! Here's what we'd like you to send us:

  1. Resume showcasing proven track record, or strategic thinking for digital marketing (and eagerness to learn the skills!)
  2. B2B Marketing writing samples, or other successful demand gen assets (videos or webinar replays, podcasts)
  3. Cover letter or quick little intro video letting us know who you are and why you'd like to work for a small but growing creative studio like GhostRanch

Please Apply by September 30, 2020

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About The Author

Mikey Mioduski, Founder / CEO

Michael "Mikey" Mioduski founded GhostRanch Communications in 2015 after falling in love with the medium of presentation design. He holds an MFA in Advertising Design from SCAD, a BA in History from DePauw University, and currently lives with his family in Zionsville, Indiana. 

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