“Comedy” - 7 Basic Plots (Presentation Book Club)

Episode 36:
“Comedy” - 7 Basic Plots (Presentation Book Club)


7 Basic Plots - #5 "Comedy

Sep 29, 2022

If you think you know the “Comedy” plot structure from Christopher Booker’s The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories as the “SuperBad” movie or Jim Carrey’s slapstick—you’re not wrong.

But you don’t have the full picture.

This plot structure has undergone an evolution throughout history starting with Aristophanes’ “Old Comedy” in ancient Greece to an introduction of lovers facing ridiculous obstacles until finally, Shakespeare transformed it into the kind of Comedy that we know and love today.

And, plot twist—it doesn't necessarily have to be out loud “ha-ha” funny.

While Booker’s examples might be a bit outdated, Mikey and Molly are here to apply it to relatable Rom-Coms and Judd Apatow productions that will have you questioning what IS and ISN’T a comedy story arc.

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“Comedy” - 7 Basic Plots (Presentation Book Club)