Presentation Book Club: Made to Stick (Part 1)

Episode 14:
Presentation Book Club: Made to Stick (Part 1)


This is an episode for: people who have/are reading Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath or want to know more about it.

Apr 21, 2022

If you’re a Malcom Gladwell The Tipping Point fan, then you will definitely be interested in Made to Stick. 

Brothers Chip and Dan Heath are a pair of smartie-pants siblings who have spent their lives trying to nail down the perfect recipe for why some stories are forgotten and how certain ideas STICK. 

And as evidenced by this book, they’ve landed on an effective formula. 

Their “SUCCESs checklist” makes up the flow for developing a Sticky Story. 







It’s so chock-full of examples that resonate that Mikey and I decided to divvy up our chat about the book. In this episode, we discuss the first (and one of the hardest) parts of the sticky process—Simplicity. 

We’ll talk about what a “Commander’s Intent” is, where it came from, and why Proverbs really are the Golden Rule. 

Let’s read, together!

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Presentation Book Club: Made to Stick (Part 1)