TED Talkin’ – Tony Fadell

Episode 52:
TED Talkin’ – Tony Fadell


This is an episode for: TED Talk enthusiasts, engineers, product designers and tech nerds.

Jan 19, 2023

Tony Fadell might not be a name you know, but it’s attached to products used around the world.

Starting his career at Apple with Steve Jobs and designing the early iPod, Fadell later went on to invent the Google Nest smart thermostat.

His TED Talk, The First Secret of Great Design, illustrates how breaking habituation is the first step in observing everyday problems around us that innovators can solve. What aren’t you noticing? And how can its design serve us better?

Mikey and Molly analyze this TED Talk and what we can learn from its content, Tony’s execution and, of course, the slides.

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TED Talkin’ – Tony Fadell