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Product Marketing's
Secret Weapon

Marketers are really, really, ridiculously busy. Sales professionals are also as busy as heck turning those leads and prospects into sweet, sweet revenue. Sometimes an executive or a Sales leader could really use a custom slide or a quick presentation cleanup, in a pinch. But the in-house team or the PMMs are too backed up to drop everything for that ad hoc request.

GhostRanch is the resource built to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, by delivering gorgeous, on-brand slides and assets at the speed of B2B.

You might think of us as Sales and Marketing mediators, who just happen to be really good at PowerPoint and InDesign.

A workflow that Works

Are you a presentation designer? Didn't think so. Stop fiddling with gosh darn Google Slides then, and lean on a partner that can help free up time to let you focus on your actual job.

We were born out of B2B SaaS, so we fully appreciate the speed at which real-word marketing and sales assets need to be designed and delivered. Our operation removes "games of telephone," embracing agile, tight collaboration and rapid iteration instead. Our hyper specialization unlocks rare efficiencies—ones that only increase the more embedded we become in your brand. We call that effect the PPT Flywheel. 

“I used to be on the agency side in account management and you guys are just ridiculously fast with your turnarounds. My head is spinning. Very impressed.”
— Carrie West, Tech Product Marketer


We are obsessed with presentations, sure. But the B2B asset design fun doesn't have to stop there! At our core, we are visual storytellers and problem solvers, which means, at GhostRanch, we relish the chance to bring your Go To Market's entire bill of materials to life as one cohesive, united front. From Data Sheets and Battlecards to Webinar presentations, eBooks, Whitepapers, Social Banners, Display Ads, One Sheeters, Analyst Briefings, Case Studies, and beyond, we want to ensure that your entire GTM kit is ready to make the right impression, no matter the stage of the sales journey.

What We Do

Pitch Polish

"Hey I need a quick slide." How many times have you heard, or said that? How many times has your in-house team been like, "yeah, take a number." At GhostRanch, we like to say there is "no project too small." Whether you just need that one new key concept visualized on a new slide, or would love to have some fresh design eyes on your deck to make sure it's cleaned up and cohesive, we've built our operation to keep up with those quick but critical requests to make sure our ongoing accounts are always leaving the right impression.

Presentation Accoutrements

Don't leave those leave-behinds... behind. We got you! If it can be PDF'd or shared as a G-Slide doc, we'll gladly design those assets that come before or after those sales presentations. Case Studies? Data sheets? Solution Briefs? Custom Proposals? Put 'em on our plate!

Demand Generation Assets

Banner ads. Social Banners. Webinars. Whitepapers. Ebooks. Hand em over and we'll make sweet design magic to help you bring those leads in along one cohesive sales journey.

IN-house PPT Lifeline

Hey, we get it, some designers might cringe a little at the thought of helping you with a big fat corporate deck. If your in-house team has bigger fish to fry, we can offer to support them and take some specific pieces off of their plates, which can come in handy especially during those heavy event seasons.

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Acquisition Aftermath

If your organization just went through a massive rebrand, or acquired a company, there might be a big huge pile of legacy assets collecting dust that are still very useful, but just need a breathe of new life to get into that updated style. We do that stuff. All the time. And in-house teams are very grateful for that.

“GhostRanch was there with us every step of the way.”
— Kaila Garrison, GTM Strategist

Let your story shine

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