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All Hands on Deck!

We hate to admit it, but not all designers are as stoked about corporate presentation slide design as we are. Not only that, but it is very likely that your in-house design team is already incredibly bogged down with the day to day, ongoing design projects that help keep your company afloat. 

In times of overflow, such as Sales Meetings, Analyst Days, Corporate Conferences, a massive amount of presentations could very well be the straw that breaks your internal team's back.

Don't do that. Instead, call in some reinforcement to make sure that big event goes off without a hitch. GhostRanch plays nice with internal teams, helping carry the brand team's baton into the world of slideware and corporate presentations.

“When you look at the time it would take for our internal team to execute on something like that, the cost savings is just so huge when you work with an outside agency like GhostRanch. ”
— Casey Lorenzen, Fjallraven

Your brand deserves better,
No matter the medium.

No brand manager on earth would want their executives designing their own slides for a high stakes meeting or conference. Yet, when an in-house team is already under water, what option do you have? As Diddy and Mase may or may not have said, Mo Presentations, Mo Problems.

It doesn't have to be like that. As Casey Lorenzen, Content Manager at Fjallraven, shared, when his internal creative team was confronted with a massive amount of presentations from executives speaking in advance of the company's National Sales Meeting, he knew to call in reinforcements. It came down to “bandwindth within our team, really having to stretch to get it done. We had a short timeline to work with, and with all the other ongoing projects that we have as a brand, it was really really tough for us to squeeze that in and try to do it to the level that we expet, and to the level that we needed."

Pitching ain't easy, but we've got you.

“The entire team, not just myself, was super impressed by the quality of work they put out in the short timeframe that they had. ”
— Casey Lorenzen, Fjallraven

What We Do

Event Support

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Your creative team might get used to this bonus support. Some clients think of GhostRanch as a fractional design house, contracting GhostRanch to work as an embedded team, augmenting staffing decisions.

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Workshops & Training

Teach a team to fish! We love sharing some of our knowledge and experience. Have us host a workshop to help your internal team feel a little bit more excited about the possibilities of designing in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

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