Minimum Viable Pitch

An Agile Pitch Deck Design Sprint

Traditional presentation overhaul projects can often take up too much time, involve input from one too many "voices," and end up feeling watered down by the end of the process. As such, GhostRanch has put together a process that produces a 10-12 slide "starter deck" that you can take to investors in a matter of days, not months.

GhostRanch's Minimum Viable Pitch engagement occurs over the course of an intensive five business day design Sprint. We will work collaboratively and iteratively with you and one teammate until time expires to get as far as we can through your core pitch deck and beyond, ultimately releasing a fully editable, brand new presentation file that you can take out into the real world for immediate feedback.

Done in one week, really?

Is a pitch deck ever done? We tend to think not. Instead of spending months to design the "perfect" presentation in a vacuum, the MVP process is built around the understanding that founders will always keep iterating on their pitch deck, until the round is closed.

Our one-week Minimum Viable Pitch design sprint ensures you will come away with a core set of (fully editable slides) that you can take to your next meeting, and continue iterating from there, without breaking the bank.

“They come back with magic, literally.”
— Deirdre Mahon


How long does it take?

10 business days

What happens after the Sprint?

Upon the completion of the sprint, your team will be able to run with he fully editable presentation slide deck that comes out of the week-long sprint. The deck you come away with may not be 100% perfect, but it will be a massive upgrade from where you were, so that you can take the pitch deck into your next conversations, and continue iterating. If you need any net new slides, custom illustrations, or anything else, you can always call on GhostRanch to keep sending presentation design support.

Who is the Minimum
Viable Pitch For?

Scrappy founders who value speed to market! If you want to get real-world input to keep interating on your pitch without a robust deep diving brand presentation engagement, you may benefit from GhostRanch's MVP Presentation Sprint process.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at:

_ Pre-seed: $10,000 USD
_ Seed: $15,000 USD
_ Series A: $20,000 USD

What's expected of me?

You need to have your story and messaging baked to take full advantage of the sprint. You tell us what you want to say, and we will bring it to life!

What if I need branding?

We can do that too as an extra stage (and fee) 

Let your story shine

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