Product Marketing
is Strategic

As a Product Marketer, you constantly balance the needs of your sales, product, and marketing teams. We get it - your plate is full, and there are countless initiatives you'd love to tackle, but time constraints often get in the way. What if you had a strategic product marketing team in your corner, ready to jump in when things get overwhelming? Well, that's precisely where our Product Marketing Practice steps in to lend a helping hand.

“We wanted somebody who could build something different and weave the whole story for us. And they were just excellent at doing that. I really enjoyed the process.”
Steve Dawson, CEO Harmar Mobility

Where strategic messaging meets world-class design

At GhostRanch, we bring a range of strategic product marketing services to the table – from crafting impactful messaging and meticulous product launch planning, to developing a content strategy and boosting sales enablement. What sets us apart is our belief that storytelling is the powerhouse of next-generation product marketing. It's not just about having perfect message copy; it's about how well your audience connects with it. That's why our product marketing and visual design services work hand-in-hand, ensuring your messaging not only hits the mark but stays memorable with your customers.

“Our collaboration with GhostRanch has been holistic and integral to all important storytelling projects. We rely on them not just for major events, but across a spectrum of crucial communication touchpoints.”
Ashima Bhatt, Sr. Product Marketer, RingCentral

What We Do

Strategic Messaging

Crafting the right message sets the stage for your entire go-to-market strategy. If you haven't had a chance to build that go-to framework your marketing, sales, and product teams can rally around, GhostRanch has your back. We specialize in creating the messaging foundation you need – whether it's shaping your market story, establishing a value-driven messaging framework, or crafting a strategic marketecture. Let's give your business the compelling voice it deserves.

Launch Strategy

Got an exciting product launch on the horizon? Let's make it a hit together. Whether you need a tailored launch plan, complete with compelling messaging and content, or a solid framework for handling various types of product launches down the road – we've got your back. Let's not just launch, let's launch with impact.

Content Strategy

Tired of the chaos that comes from 'random acts of content'? If your product brochures are singing a different tune than your website pages, or your sales decks are telling a different story than your marketing programs, it's time for a change. Let us assist in crafting an overarching content strategy that brings order to the content mayhem. We can then build the essential digital content you need to ensure a consistent and seamless message across all your digital assets. Say goodbye to content confusion, and hello to consistency.

Seller Enablement

Is your sales kickoff just around the corner, or are you feeling the need for fresh sales messaging and tools? Look no further. We're here to empower your sales teams, ensuring they're equipped to position your product for success. From tailored sales messaging to impactful sales decks and supporting selling content, let's gear up for a winning sales season together.

Product Marketing Team Design

Are you considering building a new Product Marketing function or are you needing assistance in defining Product Marketing career levels? You're in the right place. We offer guidance and planning expertise in various areas, including team structure, role definition, rules for collaboration with other teams, career pathing and planning and crafting comprehensive job descriptions. Let's build a Product Marketing powerhouse together.


I already have a product marketing team, why would I need GhostRanch?

For years, we've collaborated closely with product marketing teams, assisting them in building compelling go-to-market content. Our new product marketing practice can assist your current team in executing a strategic project that may have been difficult to tackle alone, offer strategic support to your CxO, or even take the lead on a new go-to-market initiative for your business. Just let us know your needs, and we'll collaborate with you to determine the right engagement approach.

How can you help me if you don’t know my business or products?

While we may not be experts in your business or product portfolio, we excel in Product Marketing. Success hinges on the close collaboration of our product marketing services with your domain experts, whether they belong to your executive, product, sales, or marketing teams.

How do you work with me and my team?

We deliver our services through a remote consulting engagement that varies in duration, ranging from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the scope. The process typically kicks off with a discovery phase, where we meet with your domain experts. Subsequently, we move into the development phase to craft raw deliverables, followed by a creative phase to bring them to life. The engagement wraps up with a final review phase.

Let your story shine

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