Presentation Design

What's the return on
a great impression?

A high stakes presentation—taken seriously, can change lives. When a presentation's design becomes an afterthought, however, an audience can go reaching for their smartphones before you can finish your Agenda slide. We're preaching to the choir though.

Our team of visual storytelling specialists aim to bring your story to life—click by click, slide by slide, illustration by illustration, working tirelessly until your presentation is ready to change the hearts and minds of your audience forever.

“We've gotten amazing feedback, like, 'Oh my gosh, your deck looks stunning.'”
— Sean Green, CEO, Arternal

Presentation Elevation—
Up, Up and Away!

Presentation elevation is more than polishing up some slides—it's about giving our partners confidence in the materials they're pitching. We will embed ourselves in each project, to make sure your presentation is world-class right down to the last detail. 

When it comes to leaving the right impression, we know that your success is our success, and we take this partnership extremely seriously. 

And hey, if we can help you get a promotion with a wildly successful presentation, we figure you might let us ride on your coattails all the way to the top... right? Right?

“Simply magic.”
— April Thomas, Product Manager

What We Do

Custom Illustration

Did you know that images are processed in the brain something like 60,000 times faster than text. That may or may not be real, but let's just go with it. That's why the world around us is so full of iconography—modern day hieroglyphics. In today's "at a glance" society, having the right visual that can communicate your ideas almost immediately will not only transcend language barriers, it will ensure that your message is getting through.

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Event Support

Events can be quite taxing on an internal team. When you want to ensure that your event's speakers are bringing their A game to the big stage, lean on GhostRanch to help them take that CEO Vision keynote, or the big hairy Product Keynote to new heights. User Conferences. Global Sales Kickoffs. Analyst Summits. Investor Days. Breakout Speaker Cleanups. World-Class Webinars. Onsite Presentation Design. We're into it.

Presentation Templates

Does your org have, like, six different hodge podge PowerPoint master templates floating around with broken fonts and dusty layouts? Sometimes a refresh up top can restoke the fire and get your company excited to put more love into their slides, working from a new and exciting canvas. GhostRanch can reimagine and fine tune your corporate presentation system, to give your entire organization a better starting place to make better, more brand-aligned presentations. •  Corporate PowerPoint Templates • Corporate Google Slide Templates • Presentation Systems •  Modular Slide Libraries •  Event Theming & Custom Event Presentation Templates

Custom Webinars

Some of us at GhostRanch believe that when 2Pac wrote hit album "All Eyez on Me" in the mid 1990s, he was actually prophesying the coming of a radical and entirely new way to deliver presentations. If you listen to the entire album backwards, Shakur seems to have accurately predicted a global pandemic that would completely derail live events for up to an entire year, and change the game of PowerPoint presentations forever. Conspiracy? Doesn't matter. In this newly heightened medium—one where you can't lean on eye contact to keep your audience's attention, having a more engaging visual story to present can very well keep your webinar attendees from tabbing out to check their email, or go feed their dog. GhostRanch loves bringing new juice to your company's webinar, and can even develop new looks and branding for a webinar series. Picture YOU rolling.

Investor Decks

GhostRanch has helped startups and scale-ups raise over half a billion dollars... in 2021. From seed stage to Series F, we love nothing more than collaborating with Founders to help grow their runway to help that Unicorn take flight!

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“We didn't want just another corporate deck.”
— Steve Dawson, CEO, Harmar


What's your typical turnaround?

2-3 weeks works great for us. More if we're doing heavy brand work or we're working with a committee. Less if it's a quick cleanup job, a sprint, or a tight and decisive team providing feedback (1-2 stakeholders). 

What does the process look like?

After a creative kickoff, our presentation design engagements generally parse down into three phases. During phase one, we'll explore a few different concepts to find a winning art direction to meet your brand needs and communication goals. Once we've aligned on that winning visual storytelling system, we'll move into phase two, where our presentation designers put their heads down to bring your entire deck's content into that amazing new look and feel. Once you've had a chance to review and gather input on the full deck, the final phase will be spent dialing in any edits or tweaks. We'll also be working "under the hood" to make sure the presentation file is up to best practices, bug-free, and ready to be released out into the wild! For a standard ~15-30 slide deck, each phase takes about a week. 

What do you mean by "Consultative Design"?

Specialization does something pretty cool. It can turn a generalist designer into a storytelling expert, because, as they say, if you hang around a barbershop long enough, you're likely to get your hair cut. This storytelling stuff rubs off on ya when you're around this many great storytellers. GhostRanch presentation designers do care about pretty pixels, sure, but that's not all we care about. Our team is fundamentally passionate about your communication goals, your business goals, and the message you are trying to convey in your slides. As such, working with a presentation designer at GhostRanch means working with someone who is ready to collaborate—responsively, directly, devoid of ego. Presentations are intimate, and we believe presentation design workflows should be too. Our consultative presentation design process ensures you will be able to keep iterating until the visuals are exactly what are needed to help communicate your story effectively.

How much does it cost?

Hard to put a number on an investment that can change lives forever, eh? Perhaps we will answer your question with another question. How far would you like us to take this? We can go DEEP to explore and even redevelop your brand as we create a brand new visual language within your deck. Or, you can run a more direct line to extend your existing brand within an existing template. Once we know where you stand on the spectrum, we'll design a quote based on your project's specific goals. To give you some general ballparks, some of our best custom presentation design projects have landed in the $10-20k range.

Do you price by the slide?

Nope. Our value is really in our iterative process. Often times, in collaborating with GhostRanch, a team may need to leave a whole lot of designed slides on the cutting room floor. That's totally fine! We recognize that sometimes a story doesn't come together until you "see it," and we'll stay by your side interating until your speaker is ready to take the stage. Our pricing is based accordingly—on the value created during that creative partnership, not end slide count.

How do we get started?

Alright, alright, alright! Give us a buzz (970.829.8860), shoot us an email (, or hit that fancy Contact Us button below to submit an inquiry. From there, we'll hop on a fit call, conduct a small discovery, and get you an estimate once we've got a clear picture of your scope of needs. Then, we party... the PowerPoint way.

Let your story shine

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