Narrative Development

Let's Tighten
Things Up

You have a great story in there, and GhostRanch can work closely with you to pull out the good stuff and organize it into a presentable flow. Whether you need help finding that story, distilling a bunch of swirling ideas into one overarching theme, or simply reshaping your narrative for a better flow, we can help you find that through line, connect the dots, and turn those scattered thoughts into one polished narrative.

Your Story's Strategic
Sounding Board

You might be saying, "what business do a bunch of presentation designers have in telling me about my story?" We were wondering the same thing, until more and more clients started telling us that they truly needed our fresh perspective, and that our collaborative, consultative work helped them make more sense of their own story.

At GhostRanch, we pledge to never pretend that we will know your subject matter better than you do. So, instead of writing new material for you, our strategic services lean into our unique vantage point to help you zoom out and overcome the "curse of knowledge." Using our "fresh eyes" and obsession with story structure, we'll work collaboratively to pinch, prod, and poke holes in your story until we're ready to weave together a narrative that checks all the right boxes for your target audience.

“We had some data and facts, and we understand our company and our market, but we just couldn’t really bring it to life on our own.”
— Chris Helton, Supernova

What We Do

Story Mining

Qualitative primary research in the form of a series of interviews and collected insights to help fuel a truly.

Narrative Refinement

Once we've unearthed that crude storytelling fuel, it's time to refine. And then distill. And then refine. And then distill... You get the idea. We want to make sure you have one crystal clear big idea that serves as a through line to help bring your audience from point A to point B. Our team will work closely with you to distill the message and shape a truly story flow.

Brand Launch

Starting from scratch? Have a brand that's begging for a fresh start? Our team loves nothing more than helping you develop your new visual identity.

“GhostRanch is able to tell a complex story very simply. ”
— Kaila Garrison, GTM Strategist


So, will you be writing my speech?

We aren't script writers, and do not imagine that we would ever know your subject matter as well as you do. You are the expert in your space, and will need to have an idea of what you want to say. Think of us as a consultative sounding board who will help ask you what needs to be communicated in your presentation, compare that to what you've got in your initial story, and then decide what's missing. We will make suggestions to make sure your structure flows nicely, and your core ideas is  coming through clearly, from cover to cover.

What's the general timeframe?

A story flow exercise will typically take 1-2 weeks.

How do you price?

Fixed project fees

Who do I work with?

Typically a team of three: Account Manager, Creative Director, lead Presentation Designer

What's expected of me?

Bring your thoughts, goals, and existing messaging to the table. We'll go from there!

Let your story shine

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