Arternal’s Punchy Pitch Deck Design

Meet Arternal

Arternal is a digital CRM of relationship management, sales flow, and data tools for art galleries, art dealers and anybody who is in the business of dealing art. They needed a pitch deck to convey their story to investors. 

Venture capitalists aren’t exactly embedded in the art world. 

Arternal is an incredible tool for art dealers and gallery curators to utilize. The art market is a huge opportunity. 

However, they faced the challenge of communicating this potential and value without a succinct investor deck and the right pitch materials. 

Simultaneously educating the audience on the subject matter and conveying a value proposition is a tough task with just a few slides and fifteen minutes. 

“We've gotten amazing feedback, like, 'oh my gosh your deck looks stunning.'”

— Sean Green, Co-Founder & CEO, Arternal

What We Did

“How do you create a story that is succinct, that packs a punch, and that visually gets the message across to the VC?” asks Sean.

GhostRanch stepped in at a sprinting pace to help bridge that gap.

The Results

From Sean’s initial slide skeletons, we delivered robust designs per concept. 

From the eye-catching dollar amount for how much a painting gets sold to appeal to investors, to the workflow of Arternal's CRM for sales materials, we continued to flesh out all the necessary tools to align visuals with Arternal's amazing talking points.

For the pitch deck, there are bright colors and play-on words. For the sales materials, there’s demo mockups to communicate that the Arternal tool is a game-changer if you’re an art dealer or an artist alike. 

The results speak for themselves in the major positive feedback Sean received after first using our collaborative materials. He loves the slick look and feel of their deck, and feels it finally aligned with Arternal's true brand story. 

With crisp visuals and a strategic approach to the pitch deck, Sean is now able to pitch—and communicate to investors—with confidence.

“Having the sort of team that feels embedded and that they’re cheering for you—that's the vibe that you get from working with GhostRanch.”

— Sean Green, Co-Founder & CEO, Arternal

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