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Kathryn Does Events

We were tapped to create two big keynote presentations for both Octiv and Cheetah Digital that would show off the tech companies’ products and convey overall brand and business strategy, all while making a memorable impact. 

It started with one C.A.B.

For this Octiv presentation, it only felt right to include beautiful imagery and recognizable art on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. 

Because Octiv had also recently done some activities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, “a very iconic and familiar place here,” we included photos from their event as well. 

Together, we created a stunning presentation that really captured this artistic theme of the event. 

Kathryn shares that one of the customers in attendance told her it was one of the best presentations she’d ever seen.

“It was wildly successful. ”

— Kathryn Loheide

User Conference Time

When Kathryn transitioned to Cheetah Digital, she would be tasked with organizing content for an event where they’d be hosting their top customers across the globe for the first time. 

This meant a kickass product keynote, and CEO vision keynote for an enormous audience. Here, they would be introducing a new product called Signals 19 and wanted to communicate both its efficiency as well as differentiation from other products.

Kathryn says herself: “It was a massive amount of work.”

Nailing the Product Keynote

For the Signals Product Keynote at Cheetah Digital, it was all about addressing the product goals and strategies and how that fit within the broader business strategy.

Kathryn shares:

“Within an hour of the Signals 19 product keynote, I had heard of three examples of customers that had watched the product keynote and had already reached out to their customer success manager talking about upselling.”

Being able to communicate the value of a product quickly enough so that someone will get on the phone after the presentation? 

One of our favorite ways to measure success. 

“It was wildly successful, we had raves from our customers—they were fantastic to work with.”

— Kathryn Loheide, Marketing Executive

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