Canix Disrupts The Battlefield


Canix is building an ERP for cannabis companies to maintain compliance, track inventory, scale operations and forecast. When they found themselves competing in TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield, we helped assemble a deck that would help them win the competition.

Canix was tapped to compete at TechCrunch’s DISRUPT Startup Battlefield, and they needed a deck to both communicate the Canix story and help them stand out. 

Startup Battlefield is a huge platform with competitors from all over the globe and the prize was $100,000 - AKA, the stakes were high.  

Stacey had thrown some slides together herself but they needed a design-minded helping hand to help make it look more professional, succinct and most importantly - aligned with the Canix product brand and story.

“Essentially GhostRanch helped us win $100,00.”

Stacey Hronowski, Canix

The Results

Stacey and the Canix team reached out to GhostRanch under a bit of time crunch. 

We quickly turned around an early version of their presentation deck within a couple of days, worked side-by-side to ensure slides aligned with Stacey’s vision, and not long afterwards, it was presentation time. 

We also completed an “investor deck” that included further background information, context of the cannabis industry, and market opportunities so that investors’ questions could be answered within the deck presentation itself.  

The results? 

The Canix team won TechCrunch DISRUPT, a featured launch article on TechCrunch and the grand prize money to boot.

“I think they did a great job in a very short amount of time. They were responsive and professional, the aesthetic was really pleasing and they delivered on the vision that we were looking for.”

— Stacey, Canix

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