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An In-House Team's
PowerPoint Lifeline

Well known Swedish outdoor apparel and gear brand, Fjällräven, had a monster series of presentations for execs to use at their National Sales Meeting. The content was set tup help the company's marketing and sales leaders unveil new product lines, and align their rep group on the season's vision and messaging. They came to GhostRanch to get it done both beautifully and efficiently. 

The bandwidth within their internal team just wasn’t there to get these done in time—because it was, indeed, a very short timeline.

They needed a total of 8 hefty product presentations, ranging from 10 to 50 slides each, for this huge virtual gathering.

We don't back down from a challenge. Especially if there is glorious Swedish outdoor apparel and gear involved.

“We had a short timeline to work with, and with all the other ongoing projects that we have as a brand, it was really tough for us to squeeze that in and try to do it to the level that we expect, and to the level that we needed.”

— Casey Lorenzen, Content Manager, Fjällräven

The Results

We collaborated to ensure that our design choices aligned with the Fjällräven brand while simultaneously bringing in new life into the company's PowerPoint template and slides. 

With each of these presentation decks, we directly supported the 6-8 executives who would be delivering them, working closely with the execs themselves, and the brand team who was able to supply assets, feedback and subject matter expertise. It truly was a wonderful collaboration by both sides.

We also wanted execs to be able to use these down the line after the internal meetings were over. Casey was excited that all the PowerPoint slides were fully edit-able and assets have already been carried over to other projects. As Lorenzen said, “a lot of the stuff that they’ve built out has almost become a template for any internal decks that we’re using to share information across the teams.” 

While we can’t even say publicly yet what the sweet new Fjällräven products are, we know you’ll be seeing them in storefronts and around town soon enough! 

“We would send an email out and get a response two minutes later. That was the immediate trigger for me that said these guys are the right ones.”

— Casey Lorenzen, Content Manager, Fjällräven

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