Harmar’s Visual Story Revolution


Harmar Mobility is the leading manufacturer in mobility device lifts for vehicles, stairs, and vertical lifts. Harmar's CEO, Steve Dawson, came to GhostRanch because he was ready to take his team's storytelling to a better place.

Harmar needed to identify a way to better communicate with their sales targets. The company had target segments to bring into the company, but Steve felt his organization was lacking a strong way to convey their message.

“We wanted somebody who could build something different, and weave the whole story for us. And they were just excellent at doing that. I really enjoyed the process.”


Steve wanted the wow factor,
So he called ghostRanch

It was wild west on the presentation front at Haramr, with Sales reps doing their very best to create their own slides and presentations. Unfortunately, there were a number of different templates, looks and feels, creating a lack of consistency from one pitch to the next. The consequence? Opportunities with legitimate customers were getting lost. 

The organization had a variety of Powerpoints and one-pagers that “over time, didn’t look great when you stitched them all together.” 

Steve uses the word “hodge-podge”—this is a common problem and, honestly, a natural evolution as products evolve. When things move quickly and content updates fall behind, the gap in alignment becomes wider. Consistency is lost, along with the brand or product’s “story”. 

So Steve got in touch with GhostRanch, and after a deep process of understanding the story that had been told, and the story that needed to be told, we embarked on a more memorable and ownable way to tell that story visually. 

The core story slides, extensible assets and modular presentation library that came out of the collaboration with Steve and his team, is one of our all-time favorite projects.

“We didn’t want just another corporate deck. ”

— Steve Dawson, CEO, Harmar

Sweet, Sweet Results

With a 34% increase since 2010 in the 65+ population, the market for mobility assistance has become competitive. It was high time that Harmar stood out among what are vital services for aging folks. 

Story development being a key pillar of this project, GhostRanch pieced together the various resources that Harmar had, made them consistent and, well, beautiful. 

The Ranch’s creative approach to presentation design put a fresh spin on these products. A simple color scheme, minimal but effective animations accompanied with custom illustrations can do wonders. 


From Harmar were born a few brand “characters” that could be used in different contexts, pitches and presentations for Harmar sales reps. These custom illustrations were a big part in rebuilding Harmar’s brand story from scratch. 

It’s always fun when we get to be part of an end-to-end storytelling project.

Even more fun? Hearing back from Steve that the heads are nodding during the newly branded pitch. Time and time again.

“We purposely set out to have it be comprised of building blocks that we could use going forward.”

— Steve Dawson

Let your story shine

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