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Hach Company manufactures and distributes analytical instruments and reagents used to test the quality of water and other liquid solutions, globally. Hach's products, services, software and people set the company apart from anyone else in the space.

One of the most industry standard ways to bolster authority amongst their customers and prospects is through a series of webinars. Jess Osborn came into Hach to help expand the company's webinar strategy (among other things!), but quickly realized the challenges that Hach was facing to create engaging content for technical presenters and an equally technical audience.

Jess and her webinar team called upon GhostRanch to help reimagine a series of more story driven presentation materials—helping her internal and external Subject Matter Experts (SME's) distill their content, remove the clutter, and evoke a more human experience through use of visuals to help reinforce Hach's amazing mission of "ensuring water quality around the world."

And, well, it worked.

“We went from an average attendee rate for our webinars around 90 - 100, to over 600 attendees, and we have by far exceeded our live attendee rate well over industry standards.”


One successful webinar
design deserves another!

GhostRanch was able to help Hach reimagine their webinars, working collaboratively with Jessica Osborn and her growing team of communications marketers. While we prioritized eye-catching design, there were also industry best practices considered and rationale included alongside each slide. We needed to maintain that balance of catering to this very technical audience, while still bringing more visual story, and brand, into the slides. Jessica's vision was for these slides NOT to feel like corporate PowerPoint slides, one of our favorite requests!

In creating a succinct but effective webinar presentations that focused on storytelling, we worked to make a brand story visually compelling rather than re-write the brand.

We worked quickly to get the first presentation updated and when it was a smash hit, we were asked to do another, then another. 

“What we found was, each time we created a presentation with GhostRanch, we completed an investment of sizeable proportion to get third party webinar time slots with key associations. We ended up seeing a 3, 4, even 5X return.”

— Jessica Osborn, Global Product Manager, Hach

The numbers don’t lie: 

The results? Take a look below. (Or on LinkedIn!)

  • Up to a 5x return on investments when using presentations from Ghost Ranch
  • Increased webinar attendee rate from 90-100 to over 600 attendees (20% above industry standards)
  • Live attendee rate climbed to 30% after beginning to work with GhostRanch and is now at 50%
  • Post-webinar satisfaction rates have soared!

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