Jay’s Custom Keynote

How can we help you, Jay?

When a 6 time Best-Selling author and Hall of Fame Speaker arrives at your presentation design agency's doorstep, seeking a completely custom visual design for his brand new keynote, what are you going to say? 

Well, after we gave an emphatic "yes," we took a deep breath. It was a huge honor (and a little nerve-racking) for the chance to collaborate with one of business's most prolific and influencial keynote speakers. 

The result is something we're truly proud of.

“They were able able to take what I gave them — which was somewhat of a random collection of thoughts — and turn it into a very sharp, strategic approach to the visual design. ”

— Jay Baer, Hall of Fame Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Audiences expect more than ever

As Jay himself said, in today's noisy environment, "audiences expect more than ever." Jay didn't want something good. He wanted something talkworthy.

Having worked with Jay on various projects, we knew he liked to be very close to the creative process. After digging into the initial content, our first step was to develop a few different proofs of concept. We then evaluated those initial concepts with Jay to see if they could help him tell his story on a stage, but could also give him the “visual infrastructure”, as Jay calls it, to translate the story to online assets, physical materials, giveaways... well beyond the keynote itself.

Whatever story Jay is wanting to convey, we help build out the “world” where his characters, villains and heroes can live within the presentation. This makes the message fully come to life, thus—more memorable for the audience. 

Jay knows his story, he’s a brilliant keynote speaker. But having the visuals act as a map throughout his presentations elevates him entirely. Building out these visual stories has even given Jay inspiration for a new book.

“When the visual design, which is typically an afterthought for most speakers, becomes a conversation point (as somebody who has written a whole book on word-of-mouth), to me, that is worth infinite dollars.”

— Jay Baer


With so many channels to communicate his brand on, Jay needed alignment—and workable files. While he’s a very design-savvy guy, he's also incredibly busy. It is important for him to be able to customize and change his materials per location, industry, context, venue. Working with other designers in the past, he’d run into the issue of not having the ability to edit his presentation slides. And for a professional speaker hopping from city to city and audience to audience, this is vital. 

We made sure each and every slide in his new deck was fully editable, and the template beneath could give him easy access to telling new stories and case studies, all in one cohesive and integrated look and feel.

If you are every lucky enough to see the amazing Jay Baer speak, bring a note pad, and prepare yourself to witness something truly one of a kind—adorned in plaid.

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