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Expertise does something pretty magical. The more we invest in our own pursuit of presentation design mastery, the faster we can deliver world-class work to our clients. The faster we can deliver world-class work to our clients, the more value we can create for their business. GhostRanch presentation designers are comfortable with our place

behind the scenes of your team's high-stakes presentation. No need for awards or hype. Truly, what brings us fulfillment is knowing the deck we helped create did something to help propel you in your career. And hey, we figure if we did a good enough job, you might be cool with us enjoying a nice long ride on your coattails all the way to the top.

Meet the Rancheros

Asha Alaji-Sharif Illustration of Asha Alaji-Sharif

Asha Alaji-Sharif

Narrative Strategist
Ashante Dujour Illustration of Ashante Dujour

Ashante Dujour

Jr. Designer
Allie Ro Wilson Illustration of Allie Ro Wilson

Allie Ro Wilson

Executive Creative Director
Breece Justice Illustration of Breece Justice

Breece Justice

Sr. Presentation Designer
Brit Laureys Illustration of Brit Laureys

Brit Laureys

Director of Operations
Collin Herko Illustration of Collin Herko

Collin Herko

Sr. Presentation Designer
Courtney Lester Illustration of Courtney Lester

Courtney Lester

Accounting Coordinator
Emily Pantoja Illustration of Emily Pantoja

Emily Pantoja

Associate Creative Director
Emily Vogel Illustration of Emily Vogel

Emily Vogel

Traffic Manager
Grace Lu Illustration of Grace Lu

Grace Lu

Account Coordinator
Grace Morris Illustration of Grace Morris

Grace Morris

Sr. Presentation Designer
Jason Tucker Illustration of Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker

Account Manager
Jeff Carter Illustration of Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter

Creative Director
Katii Blaser Illustration of Katii Blaser

Katii Blaser

Account Manager
Kelsey Jones Illustration of Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Director of Account Management and Growth
Laura Waskovich Illustration of Laura Waskovich

Laura Waskovich

Sr. Presentation Designer
Lindsay Hadley Illustration of Lindsay Hadley

Lindsay Hadley

Associate Creative Director
Lola Lopez Illustration of Lola Lopez

Lola Lopez

Presentation Designer
Mary Sommerville Illustration of Mary Sommerville

Mary Sommerville

Creative Director
Mikey Mioduski Illustration of Mikey Mioduski

Mikey Mioduski

Founder / CEO
Molly Geoghegan Illustration of Molly Geoghegan

Molly Geoghegan

Narrative Strategist
Steve Earl Illustration of Steve Earl

Steve Earl

Executive Director, Product Marketing Practice
Steve Sheets Illustration of Steve Sheets

Steve Sheets

Technical Director
Tabbetha Marron Illustration of Tabbetha Marron

Tabbetha Marron

Account Manager
Tamara Jarvi Illustration of Tamara Jarvi

Tamara Jarvi

Presentation Designer

Our Guiding Lights

World Class <br>Work


World Class

“Great work begets more work.” This has been—and always will be—our primary sales strategy.
Be <br>Dependable



No matter the mess, the tight constraints, the crazy deadline, our clients should find solace in knowing that GhostRanch is on that job, and GhostRanch always delivers.
Be <br>Responsive



Quickly close every communication loop, stay proactive with project updates, avoid radio silence at all costs.
Be Excellent to <br>Each Other


Be Excellent to
Each Other

We’re in a people business. Be courteous, kind, and cheerful. Treat others with dignity, inclusion and respect. Positivity is contagious, so let it fly!
Set <br>Expectations



Setting expectations means letting our teammates and partners know when we're about to hit some turbulence, well before we hit those bumps. Built trust with open, honest conversations, never buttering things up. Avoid surprises. Embrace transparency.
Exceed <br>Expectations



Under budget, ahead of deadline, work so good our clients can't help but drop Expletives of Joy™ during reviews.
Worship the <br>Big Idea


Worship the
Big Idea

B2B presentations are ripe for the next Creative Revolution, and our mission is to lead that charge by hunting down those "aha," 1+1=3 moments. It's not just about pretty pixels, but world-altering visual communication.
Be <br>Resourceful



Excuses are lame. Problem solving is rad. Embrace constraints, work with what we’ve got, and still blow doors down. “Can-Do" attitudes for the win.

Our Founder's Story

Mike Mioduski

Studied advertising, stumbled into startups, found a love for presentation design.