Allie Ro Wilson

Executive Creative Director


I lead a team of badass designers in the ever-evolving world of presentation design. This hyper-niche medium brings me an insane amount of joy - it’s the perfect combination of strategy, design thinking, idea visualization and artistry.

I love my team, I love our partners — the energy I get from the impact our work has on both makes me love what I do a little too much. 😉

If you can’t find me, I’m probably rolling around in nature somewhere — hiking, camping, drinking adult bevs + eating children’s snacks.

I was also the official voice actor for 16-year-old Justin Bieber. For real. If you can dig up his Hallmark Card collection from 2012, you can hear for yourself.

& Answers

PowerPoint Tip?

Treat every slide like a piece of art

Walkout Song?

Evil Woman, ELO

Favorite Presenter?

David Sedaris