Ashante Dujour

Jr. Designer


Hello hello! I am a Junior Presentation Designer from Pittsburgh, PA. Coming from Howard University with my BFA in Graphic Design, I've been lucky enough to put my skills to the test via sponsorship decks, social media assets, marketing materials, and even illustrations! Remember that artist friend in high school everyone wanted to pair with for group projects? I'm basically that artist friend professionally. When I'm not meticulously tapping behind a computer you'll most likely find me sitting outside under the sun behind a big plate of food instead! Homemade garlic aioli steak fries, anyone?

& Answers

PowerPoint Tip?

I'm hoping the powerpoint fairy will come down and tell me I actually can pull out multiple menus to have on the side while I work.

Walkout Song?

Crown On The Ground, Sleigh Bells

Favorite Presenter?

Tahla Bhatti. He's a graphic design instructor that does really fun and easy to follow things with Photoshop, Illustrator and more!