Caroline Johnson

Account Manager


I’m a native of the home of the Delta Blues, Memphis, Tennessee.

On my days off, I can be found adventuring in the great outdoors, listening to records, and geeking out on craft beer.

On my days on, you can find me Sherpa-ing clients along their design journey.

I love all the unique, creative, smart, hilarious, and supportive people that I work alongside, and I appreciate that everyone has different strengths and encourages curiosity and exploration. I take great joy in learning from and collaborating with our clients; being constantly challenged to learn their industry and adapt. Things are always changing, and I love the constant moving and shaking.

& Answers

Powerpoint Tip?

Fonts can get wonky sometimes, make sure you have the necessary fonts embedded before you go in and make edits, so things look as they should.

Walkout Song?

Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

Favorite Presenter?

Dolly Parton. She's one of the greatest story tellers of our time.

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