Chercy Lott

Associate Creative Director


Family and Christmas are two of my greatest joys in life. My hobbies include: black and white large format photography, reading from real books (the smell of a new book is intoxicating and the crack when it opens for the first time is music to my ears), creating cos play costumes and going to comicon, I'm a secret D&D player (it's a lot of fun and awesome storytelling), painting, illustrating, playing softball, scubadiving, going to Broadway or off Broadway plays, listening to music I've not heard before because of my teen, writing stories, collecting as much Christmas decorations as possible (did you see Christmas Vacation? That's a goal.) Camping, collecting typographic insipiration, and just keeping my eyes open to any type of inspiration in the world.

& Answers

Powerpoint Tip?

Typography matters.

Walkout Song?

We Got The Beat, The Go-Go’s

Favorite Presenter?

Allan Haley