Courtney Lester

Accounting Coordinator


I have a passion for all things finance and project management.  When I'm not being a hyper-organized numbers nerd, I'm usually somewhere planning quirky activities/ trips for my family, hosting gatherings, giving back to the community, or trash talking in a fantasy football group chat. The top three things that bring me joy are: being a wife, being a mom, finding a coupon code just before checkout.

I love the thrill of balancing numbers and finding that elusive missing penny. It's a job where every day brings a new puzzle to solve.

I'm a whirlwind of hobbies and adventures! From diving into stock market trends, to seeking out thrilling new experiences, I'm all about adding exciting memories to life's portfolio

& Answers

PowerPoint Tip

If you're similar to me and lack expertise in PowerPoint, it's best to leave it to the Pros! **wink**

Walkout Song

Half of Me, Rihanna

Favorite Presenter

Tabitha Brown