David Sheets

Creative Director


I firmly believe one of the most important things for any CD / artist / human is to keep an open mind when evaluating goals and how to reach them. Being greater than the sum of two (or three, or four) parts comes from a willingness to collaborate in order to unlock deeper truths.

Fearless guide into the terrors of the white space. Safe harbor for wayward visual explorers. Devotee of the big idea. Story-driven artist, father, and husband. Curious, always.

& Answers

Powerpoint Tip?

The delete key is your friend. Also, those alignment and distribute evenly tools are crucial.

Walkout Song?

Trick question, depends on the day. Today feels like Charley Crocket’s “Run Horse Run”

Favorite Presenter?

Anyone who can speak with an audience vs. to an audience. I love listening to engaging speakers who can energize a crowd.

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