Grace Morris

Presentation Designer


I’m a Texan cold-brew queen, maker of things, hiker extraordinaire. A margarita-slingin’ hostess who keeps the good vibezzz goin with lo-fi hip-hop & woodsy candles.

I love, love, love working with my hands, and I love, love, LOVE the GhostRanch squad. It’s got the best people, the best projects, and we always have a good time together!

& Answers

Powerpoint Tip?

I love using guides and making grids. Also, the shape builder tools can work magic!

Walkout Song?

The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats

Favorite Presenter?

Amy Cuddy

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Presentation Designer

We are looking for a great person, a terrific communicator, and a first-class designer who understands the power of imagery to tell a story.


Digital Marketing Specialist

We're making our first marketing hire to help generate demand for the ole 'Ranch!