Lindsay Hadley

Associate Creative Director


I’m an Indy native with a passion for visual communications and for doing good work that does Good. In another life I taught Advertising and Graphic Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and today I channel that passion on behalf of our clients, as well as my volunteer work as the Design Director of Pattern Magazine.

It brings me immense joy to play tennis with my kid. Friends ask me to help glow-up their interior spaces, and that’s lots of fun. And not just because I get to shop with other people’s money.

I’m an eternal WIP. I guess the only thing that matters it that I’m a hard-working mama who tries her best.

& Answers

PowerPoint Tip?

Pro Tip: Don't slam the medium. You can make a 1920x1080 space really sing. In PowerPoint. I swear.

Walkout Song?

Going the Distance, Cake

Favorite Presenter?

Mikey! Runner up: Jon Ossoff