Missy Passmore

Jr. Designer


Heya! I'm Missy. I design presentations and try to sneak in my illustrations every step of the way. One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to draw and learn every day at work! I also enjoy all the different flavors of conversation and camaraderie at GhostRanch. 

When I’m not trying to learn more about design, you can find me burying myself in anime, drawing, drag queen content, or cozy switch games. I will also preach about how superior the Nintendo consoles are compared to others. 

Fun Fact: I can snap by pushing down on my thumb rather than rubbing my fingers together.

& Answers

PowerPoint Tip?

The animation painter tool is a gift from the heavens

Walkout Song?

It changes constantly, but a good general vibe is Jump by Van Halen

Favorite Presenter?

Brian David Gilbert (specifically the Pokemon rap)

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